Getting Started

Generating and Confirming your API Key

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The API Structure

Bibles and Filesets

If you want to jump right in to queries you can check out the API reference documentation.

Your first call to the DBP will probably be to /bibles. All Biblical content whether it be Audio, Video, or text is nested within bible_id.

All calls within version 4 of the API are separated into three general categories: Bibles, Wiki, and Community.


The routes categorized under the Bibles tag are generally focused on querying information about bibles and audio or text content of those Bibles.


Languages, Countries, and alphabet Data


The community section of the API allows not only API users to create and manage their users. But also allows for notes, cross-references, and highlights to be used across different apps that utilize the Koinos API.

Common User Authorization Actions

    Most user password changes require a verification email to be sent to the user. The only exception to this rule is if the `old_password` field is supplied to the /users/reset/password route. You can trigger a password reset email by sending the /users/reset/password user's email.

Common User Notes Actions

  • Creating a note
  • Updating a note
  • Displaying a new note